It was my pleasure to work with Brady Knight and his team during an extensive investigation of various options in the area of extended coverage insurance. I found Mr. Knight to be a thorough-going professional with a deep understanding of his field and a total commitment to the best interests of his clients. I am pleased to give him my unqualified recommendation.

Jack Modesett, Jr.

The Knight Planning team worked tirelessly and sourced it for us under a tight time deadline.

Our experience working with Brady Knight has been outstanding in both a professional and personal capacity. He and his firm have assisted us with a variety of cases, some much more complicated than others. When a specialized insurance product was required by us with a very limited capacity globally, Brady and his team worked tirelessly and sourced it for us under a tight time deadline. We choose to work with Brady and Knight Planning Corp. because they provide us with seasoned expertise, a great deal of personal attention, creative approaches, tenacity, and wisdom regarding complicated issues. Along the way, we became friends as well which is easy to do when working with Brady.

Anuj Sharma

Director of Strategy and Investments, Cathexis Oil and Gas

I actually started in the insurance business a long time ago and I’ve had insurance as part of my work responsibility on and off for my entire career and I’m now working for a private U.S. bank on the East Coast. I also sit on several corporate boards of insurance companies. I think that Brady is very unusual in that there aren’t that many people his age in the business assisting the affluent multi-generationally. He has been an excellent resource for me and many others in the area of life insurance and advanced planning techniques.

Heidi Steiger

Investment Advisor, U.S. Bank

Brady has built a new business model on old-fashioned principles, commitment and hard work. He has hand-crafted a truly unique, personal style around genuine interest in his clients’ lives, families and their estates. Brady is masterful at listening until he fully understands your concerns and intentions. Then he matches clients and experts, their specific needs and expertise, building a collaborative team that is tailor made for his clientele to best manage their past decisions, mitigate risks and secure their futures. There are few things more certain, more personal, more complex or more intimidating than death and taxes. There simply is no other group of professionals that is more focused or better equipped to assist us in such sensitive matters. Some companies are built by doing business with friends…Knight Planning Corporation makes lasting friendships by investing in clients.

Pat Burk

Vice President, J.D. Fields & Co.

I want to thank you all for your efforts on my policy. It wasn’t easy, I know. There was a lot of hair on the file which makes this particular policy underwriting a challenge. You guys worked hard to make it presentable and probably called in a few favors. I am extremely grateful for all of your efforts and want you all to know you have a very loyal customer here. I make no promises about what that means for the firm but it means a great deal to our family to have you guys in our camp. I hope this doesn’t become critical for my wife and son anytime soon but having the policy has lifted a weight off my shoulders. Thank you all for your help on the policy.

Joe Moody

Chief Investment Officer, Parkside Capital

I’m a lawyer and my practice primarily focuses on estate planning. I advise clients on wills and trusts and to process of how to go through probate after someone dies; as a result, life insurance plays a very important role in what I do because it’s all been a very key part of the plan that the client puts in place to make sure that they’ve got all their bases covered. We work with a number of insurance people who do what Brady does; it’s just that I happen to think Brady Knight is one of the best ones. Brady brings some unique attributes that I don’t see a lot of other people bringing to the table.

First of all, you want people who are good at what they do and make the process easy and Brady definitely does that. For clients, estate planning can be very confusing at times because there are a lot of options. I know Brady really understands the different products. He doesn’t work for a specific insurance company – he founded his own company so he’s able to find what makes the most sense and is most advantageous for the client.

What I really feel that Brady does extremely well is that he takes a great deal of time to get to know his clients…he understands. With a lot of people, the experience is that they’re selling you this insurance policy and as soon as they’re done, they move on to the next client. Not Brady — he really makes an effort to get to know his clients, to understand not just their insurance needs, but who they are on a personal level — you can’t teach that; that’s just something that’s part of his personality. I can tell that he really enjoys what he does, believes very strongly in its importance — that comes out in how he approaches working with his clients.

For an example, we have a client that we work on together that has quite a bit of insurance ($300M+) and is part of a very big extended family that has grown complicated. Over the years, they had been sold a number of different insurance policies by a number of different people and nobody was really keeping track of what they had or how it all fit together. Brady came in and spent lots and lots of time trying to get his arms around what insurance they had – he then helped them understand what it all entailed and what they need. Now it’s all very organized and if anybody ever has a question, they can just call him and he easily says, “Of course, I can just print this out for you and you can see what I’m talking about.” I know that it took a tremendous amount of time, and it’s not something that he got paid for, but it was something he wanted to do because he knew it would help them. I just don’t see a lot of people doing that. To me, what differentiates Brady is that he takes it the extra step, which is the follow-through. It’s what happens after he’s sold the insurance to them and how he makes sure they are still taken care of. That’s what makes him different than the others out there. I would say to a client that I refer to Brady that you can obviously find a lot of different people out there who sell insurance, but I think you’re not going to find somebody like Brady who really gets the big picture and really is going to be there not just through the purchase of the policy, but afterward to make sure that everything is being done the way it needs to be done.

Brian Cororve

Board Certified Trust and Estates Attorney, Gray Reed & McGraw

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