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M Financial Group was founded in 1978 with the goal of revolutionizing how the life insurance industry treated affluent clients. With credible evidence that affluent clients were a better investment, we thought they deserved better products that returned to them more of the value they created.

We were right—and the numbers didn’t lie. In the nearly four decades since, we’ve grown to more than 155 Member Firms serving clients one-on-one, while we continue to develop and refine products and services that achieve our original goal.


While each of our core values plays an important role in our commitment to, and delivery of, differentiated service, advocacy is the primary driver. M Member Firms strive to acquire and serve clients for a very long time and this requires a clearly articulated—and clearly demonstrated—client advocacy strategy.Our client advocacy strategy is based on a simple formula: If you do what’s right for your clients, then your clients will succeed; if your clients succeed, you will succeed. This is the foundation for our guiding principles, which, in turn, drives the delivery of differentiation by our Firms.

  • Serve clients exceedingly well; strive to surpass expectations in every interaction by providing valuable, customized, and lasting differentiation in everything you do.
  • Treat clients ethically, as you would want to be treated; align your clients’ interests with your own so as to avoid conflicts, perceived or real.
  • Listen so you can understand each client’s needs, objectives, risk tolerance, and challenges; deliver relevant and timely information and insight that facilitates informed decisions.
  • Treat existing clients as well as new clients; continually explore ways to improve what you’ve already done for clients and what you will do for them in the future.
  • Honor the trust clients place in you as few get a second chance; enhance your ability to do so by collaborating and partnering only with those who share your ethics and values.

Client advocacy takes more than words—it takes action. Everything we do seeks to set new standards for effective client advocacy:

  • Reinsuring the business placed by Member Firms; we invest upwards of $50 million annually, through arrangements with select reinsurers, to support the business placed by our Firms.
  • Creating innovative proprietary products utilizing our superior experience; M Member Firm clients have access to more than 30 exclusive products reflecting this experience.
  • Conducting a high level of carrier due care—via financial analysis, carrier reviews, competitive studies, white papers, etc. designed to inform and protect clients.
  • Maintaining a commitment to in-force management that to date has delivered more than 54 in-force repricings and $200 million in cost reductions to existing policyholders.

This level of advocacy must come from within—if an organization is forced to do it, it likely won’t last. To be part of M Financial, Member Firms must be committed to these principles, to providing service that exceeds expectations, and to advocating for clients in ways that deliver sustainable value to the families and businesses we have the privilege to serve.

Proprietary Products

We don’t have ordinary clients. Why would we have ordinary products?

We were founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of affluent and corporate clients. We have worked closely with the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers and investment firms for decades, developing innovative products with unique features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives of Member Firm clients. Today, Member Firm clients have access to more than 30 M-priced proprietary products, a level of product access unparalleled in the industry.



Our strong partnerships forged with a select group of carriers provide Member Firm clients with access to exclusive pricing and products. Our Firms maintain long-term relationships with their clients, learning their needs precisely. Together, we can design, execute, and advocate for Member Firm clients in a way others cannot.


We are in a unique position to develop proprietary products—our data proves affluent clients are a better investment and clearly demonstrates the extraordinary mortality, persistency, premium volume, and high average face amounts of Member Firm clients. We know our Firms’ clients are a better investment, so we give them better products.


Together with Carriers, we continuously monitor the service, experience, and performance of in-force business to ensure our proprietary products are consistently effective. As a result, unparalleled oversight and pricing enhancements have historically been applied to both new sales and in-force business, a principle that is rare in the industry.

The result of these practices is an array of exclusive products by the most recognized and respected insurance brands—offered exclusively to Member Firm clients.


To stay cutting edge, we have to stay sharp.

Established on the cutting edge of financial services for affluent clients, our practice of constantly communicating and collaborating contributes to our joint success.

M Member Firms represent the best minds in the industry, creating a pool of intellectual capital that delivers valuable insight into what clients need—a collective knowledge that translates into powerful products and services exclusive to Member Firm clients.

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